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How to start running

So you've decided to start taking care of your health through sport! The first and most affordable way to bring your body in good physical shape - it is running.

Similarly deciding jogging raises several questions: where to run? what? how often?

The most optimal option for jogging - park or stadium, but if they do not exist, then look at the high school athletic field or choose the route where smaller cars, and coverage for the most part are not asphalted.

Buy the right pair of shoes: soft enough to be larger than your normal shoe with cushioning. This is important, because at each step of the spine feels almost shock. Choose sports clothes, but if there is no special, then give preference to natural, cotton.

It is an interesting study of scientists to prove that long distances to receive an additional 15% stamina, you can use the player with dynamic tracks. This fact made use of several sports companies, has released special tracks of different duration and dynamics! Use this trick and you:)

Before you start running, it is desirable to make a light workout. Do the rotation of the ankle and knee joints, as well as pan and tilt head and torso. By the end of training to go jogging, and then step until breathing and pulse completely normal.

Frequency runs entirely depend on your goals and physical condition. For a month 3-4 workouts per week, you can get in shape, even if you have not played sports. The main thing is not to overwork your body, do not push yourself when physically difficult. But unless it is a feeling of laziness - with him to fight! You can do this in several ways (some of them are the authors): :)

 start a blog, describing it in detail their goals. In this case, bypassing the training will be embarrassing to the reader;
 find a kindred spirit. It's not necessarily going to be your good friend, and you can search the vast web. With what it can be like to partner training, and virtual interlocutor to discuss achievements, adjusting employment and obtain advice;
argue with someone, but rather with those who lose would not want to!
buy special clothes and shoes for jogging, it is imperative that all of you very much! You will be pleased to wear beautiful and comfortable outfit.
Caution Treat training in cold weather, with heart problems, breathing, internal diseases, high blood pressure, back problems and overweight.

Proper diet, regular athletic exercises and avoiding harmful habits immediately give a positive result! You will soon notice that with a decrease in body fat muscles are becoming more relief, noting that your mood is constantly elevated, and pride in their own achievements will inspire further achievements!

Cleansing the gallbladder and liver

Cleansing the liver - a morning procedure. Drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach or broth choleretic herbs. After 30 minutes, take one of the means:

  • Spoon of honey dissolved in half a glass of warm water. 
  • Drink 1 glass of warm sweet apple juice or grape. 
  • 3 tablespoons of black radish juice mixed with 1 teaspoon of olive oil or sunflower oil.
  •  If you are an adult, you can absorb 2-5 tablespoons of vegetable oil. 
Wash down the "breakfast" broth choleretic herbs or warm sweet tea. Lie on your left side to the right place a warm heating pad. Harboring a blanket and lying so Portola- two hours. When standup - do a few breaths deep and squat. After that, you can normally eat breakfast.
Liver Cleansing should be done 1-2 times a week. 10-15 procedures for the course.

Do not worry if your stools become moderately liquid. You can also feel a slight pain in the right upper quadrant. That's all the rules and can explain only intense contractions of the gallbladder. If such pain you get, before following liver cleanse consult your doctor, maybe they will recommend you to take medications before the procedure, antispasmodics.

CAUTION In the presence of gallstones, such an increase in the outflow of bile, may become a provocation to the displacement of a large stone. In this case, you will experience severe pain. So if you have to have a diagnosis of gallstone disease or suspected it, you first see a doctor conduct a survey on the presence of stones in the gallbladder.
Before using this recipe, advice from experts.

Esophageal candidiasis: the treatment, diagnosis, symptoms

One of the pressing issues of Gastroenterology and related branches of medicine (hematology, transplantation, oncology, etc.) is esophageal candidiasis - opportunistic infection, which is based on the contamination of the epithelial tissue of the esophagus opportunistic and pathogenic fungi of the genus Candida.

As a rule, esophageal candidiasis develops due to lower immunological competence of the body caused by severe hematologic, oncologic and endocrine diseases, chemoradiotherapy, viral infection, taking certain medications. Candida esophagitis can accompany oropharyngeal candidiasis or fungal infection of the skin.

Symptoms of esophageal candidiasis

The main symptoms of esophageal candidiasis - a violation of the swallowing (dysphagia), and pain when swallowing (odynophagia). Severity of clinical manifestations depends on the form of the disease (catarrhal, pseudomembranous or fibre-erosive esophagitis) and the extent of the pathological process. In severe cases, dysphagia clinical acceptance not only prevents the solid, and liquid foods, which leads to the development of nutritional deficiency and secondary dehydration.

Associated symptoms include Candida esophagitis heartburn, chest pain associated with eating, nausea, and vomiting. In vomitus can detect specific film or psevodmembrany which are formed on the mucosal surface of the esophagus. The clinical picture may present symptoms of intestinal dyspepsia (diarrhea, impurities in the stool). It should be noted that about one-third of patients (30%) are asymptomatic disease.


The most informative method of diagnosis is an endoscopy of the esophagus, which is visualized in the catarrhal inflammation; on the mucosal surface can be formed loose fibrinous film. Invasive form of Candida esophagitis accompanied by the appearance of erosions, ulcers, esophageal bleeding. To serious complications of the disease include perforation of the wall of the esophagus and kandidomikozny sepsis.

Esophageal candidiasis: treatment

The basis for causal treatment of opportunistic infections of the gastrointestinal system is antibiotic drugs for local and systemic effects. For treatment of fungal infections of the digestive organs nerezorbtivnye used as antimycotics (antifungal agent), which exert their action directly into the lumen of the digestive tract and is not absorbed into the blood stream and absorbed antimycotics, which fall into the systemic circulation.

How to treat esophageal candidiasis? The drugs of choice are adsorbed from the group of triazole antifungals (fluconazole, itraconazole), which have a systemic effect. Local therapy, nerezorbtivnye imidazoline (clotrimazole) and polyene antifungals (nystatin, amphotericin B) are ineffective and even ineffective, they are appointed only with concomitant intestinal candidiasis or oral candidiasis. The choice of drug used, the dose drug dosing frequency and duration of the course is the prerogative of the attending physician.

In the treatment of esophageal candidiasis great importance should be given to the evaluation of genotypic resistance of pathogenic agents (fungi Candida) to existing antifungal drugs. For this purpose the cytological material and cultural studies with esophageal epithelial tissue. After determining the sensitivity of the infectious agent to the basic anti-fungal component of the program isotropic treatment. Typically, the drug of choice is fluconazole and other azole derivatives.

Along with the causal treatment prescribers promoting the normalization of biocenosis gastrointestinal system and colonization of epithelial tissues bacterial commensals (bifidobacteria, acidophilic microflora). Also included in the algorithms pharmacological therapy to improve immune resistance.

Diet for esophageal candidiasis should be full composition of macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Particular attention should be paid to ensure the needs of the body in complete proteins, but foods rich in simple carbohydrates, must be temporarily removed from the diet. It is undesirable to consume dairy products and citrus fruits because they are an excellent nutrient substrate for fungal microflora. In severe forms of candidiasis, accompanied by a serious violation of swallowing function, shown enteral or parenteral nutrition, high-protein mixtures in combination with adequate hydration.

Treatment of esophageal candidiasis should be comprehensive. Antifungal therapy is conducted under the supervision of the attending physician with the regular analysis of the effectiveness of using instrumental methods of examination.

Rhinitis in schoolchildren

Be aware that the nasal mucosa in children is very special - it was "magnificent" , richly supplied with blood, easily react to the introduction of micro-organisms, which explains the most severe rhinitis in children

Rhinitis - inflammation of the nasal mucosa, flowing with a decrease of its function.

In the nasal cavity is a "filtering", humidification and warming of the air. There is a particular epithelium - ciliary which promotes mucus and dust particles in the opposite direction; mucus contains protective compounds against viruses and bacteria. There nasal cycle - degree of alternation of blood supply to the mucosa of the nose half. Not noticing the person breathes better one nostril and the other - a little worse, and then vice versa. This phenomenon requires the recovery of the mucosa.

When inflammation of the mucous membrane function is reduced to varying degrees. The reasons for this great multitude: infections, allergies, hormonal disorders, trauma, medication side effects, inhalation of irritating particles.

Be aware that the nasal mucosa in children is very special - it was "magnificent", richly supplied with blood, easily react to the introduction of micro-organisms, which explains the more severe for rhinitis in children .

Proceeds rhinitis caused by infectious causes, by stages:

  • In the case of contact, and the introduction of infectious particles increases burning sensation, tickling and dryness;
  • Then swells the mucous appears watery secret, creating a feeling of nasal congestion;
  • The immune response also makes itself felt - runny nose replaced purulent acquire a yellowish-green color;
  • Subsidence of the inflammatory process, improve respiratory function of the nose.
Treatment of rhinitis

Thanks to joke that a runny nose without treatment over 7 days, had an opinion about the futility of treatment of rhinitis. But do not forget that children cold can go to an ear infection (otitis media) or inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (sinusitis), as well as cause intracranial complications (meningitis, brain abscess).

Treatment should correspond rhinitis steps: namely, first apply antiseptic solutions (e.g., Protargolum) and immunomodulators (interferon nasal drops, lysozyme, etc.), as well as sea buckthorn or peach kernel oil, aloe. In the presence of purulent discharge - topical antibiotics (biparous, infra) drops vasoconstrictor (xylometazoline, lanolin) and systemic antibiotics (co-amoxiclav, cefazolin). In addition, everything necessary to drink plenty of warm, hot foot baths, inhalation of vapors garlic.

6 Ways to be treated without drugs

1. Cough: Emissions of cough syrup and buy honey
Imagine: viscous amber honey, gently flowing along the walls, avoiding the neck, sliding movement leaves the glass jar, to finally fall to the already cooled down during this time toast. Special craftsmen have time to scroll through all the accounts on the network and post it in this majestic Instagram process. Actually, this sluggishness in space and makes honey stunning replacing any syrup. Enveloping your throat like a wall of the can, honey instantly relieves irritation.

A recent study published in the journal " Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine " , shows the actual advantage of a spoon of honey to dextromethorphan, the active component of cough syrups. And the healing properties of honey are the same for both children and adults, emphasizes Ian Paul, MD, professor of pediatrics and public health at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, the nasty feeling murderous sleepiness (one of the hidden effects from various syrups) is absolutely foreign to honey.

What to do: Better than others buckwheat honey, rich in antioxidants, which in particular prevent heart problems and the threat of cancer. Eat two sturdy teaspoons at night or when the cough well, quite out of place (before an important conversation or a date), but do not overdo it: it's still a shock dose of carbohydrates.

2. Low back pain: Emissions ointment and take a warrior pose
What would you do if you suddenly sore lower back? That's right: you begin to twist and pull in different directions, trying to warm up. This is no accident: a study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, found the healing properties of so-called blame Yoga - medical varieties popular training methods. Regular twisting and stretching reduces the likelihood of back pain, and allowing all to forget about drugs, which, incidentally, destroy the liver cells and disrupting the operation of the intestinal microflora, thus causing addictive (and it's only three months - a period of traditional treatment.

What to do: In the study, the subjects once a week spent 75 minutes on the assimilation of Cobra, wheels, butterfly, lotus flower and a warrior. Increasing strength and flexibility of the body, people subconsciously started getting rid of habits that give rise to pain (slouch at your desk, for example), says study author Karen Sherman, the lead researcher Research Institute in Seattle. Remember all that MH wrote about yoga, and - in a pose of a warrior.

3. Frequent headaches: Emissions painkillers and good night's sleep
Paradoxically, the more headache pills you take, the stronger it is. According to Peter Gods, MD, director of the Institute for the Study of headache in the University of California San Francisco, take the pills every other day or every day - it's too. The doctors themselves do not fully understand why analgesics started to deal with the pain, give rise to it; Maybe it's the caffeine and codeine, which are contained in most of these drugs.

What to do: "If you're already hooked on analgesics, you should first reduce the frequency of administration, about two times a week and go to the simplified drugs, "- says Dr. Godsbi. Next - pajamas polybutene and eight hours of healthy sleep; try before going to bed to concentrate on those parts of the head, which does not give rest. So you'll help your brain to deal with the pain without aspirin.

4. Depression: Emissions antidepressants and bring brains in order
Any depression - a bunch of negative thoughts in your head. And no pill will not be saved until you begin to consciously get rid of them. There is a special technique called wonder consciously through cognitive therapy. The gist of it - in absolute control of the negative things and events, allowing to understand them before they will drive you into depression. This therapy, according to recent studies, not only rescues from depression, but also changes the perception of life in general. "After the abrupt discontinuation of antidepressants, people tend to relapse, - says Willem Kuyuk, Doctor of Physiology, Center study of mental disorders at the University of Exeter. - This therapy - a kind of shield, a powerful psychological tool of protection. "

What to do: One of the methods of this therapy - "three-minute breathing space" - allows you to not let his head in the negative. Feeling discouraged, concentrate on immediate thoughts and feelings; rhythm at the same time is given exclusive breath (something like self-hypnosis). It is important to feel your body from the inside, as a whole, and the time it will take to it, would "skip" threatening depression.

5. Insomnia: throw a sleeping pill and go to bed later
Do not sleep! Do you hear? TV loud and hold on, you need quite a bit - two or three hours. Create additional need for rest, but do not force yourself to relax dozens of pills. Moreover, according to our expert, sleeping pills on the structure most similar to drugs because addictive and causes a rapid (and hence lose their effectiveness).

What to do: Let us consider an example: if you go to typically 10, suffering from insomnia until after midnight, then lie down in the morning, only to rise will have on the schedule. "artificially creating a shortage of sleep, you little shokiruesh body, thereby bringing it back to normal " - says Lee Riverbend, professor of the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Virginia. A few weeks later the dream is equalized, and insomnia leave you.

6. Constipation: throw a laxative and drink more water
For unstable diet devoid enough fiber, fibers and liquid moving colon and intestine walls generally thicken and loses its elasticity required for outputting excreted undigested food. So there is constipation, forcing, for example, Americans spend on laxatives more than 700 million dollars per year (National Institute of diabetes, gastrointestinal and renal diseases). These drugs, meanwhile, like analgesics, addictive and intestinal cramps.

main symptoms for which you should consult a urologist

  • When to see a doctor is better not to pigeonhole, not to earn complications of? Says urology and andrology, Ph.D. Roman radish

you, like many other men, attempt to find answers to all the questions posed in front of you life? And of course, your faithful assistant in this case - the Internet. When you have health problems, you are not excluded, as the first thing you open your laptop. Indeed, it is very simple: found some symptoms in themselves, "scoring" keywords into a search engine - and get answers to all occasions. And the majority of drugs in our country you can buy without a prescription - descending acquired and adopted. Fast, cheap and cheerful. Think deceived illness or bypassed fate? Unfortunately, this self can get you sideways. In summary:

1. The disease can become chronic and, as you have already guessed, do not leave you throughout your life.

2. There may be complications that lead to serious violations of both in a single body, and the body as a whole.

3. It is highly probable, "not to fall into the diagnosis" (you're, not an expert!) and treated for another illness.

4. You may experience severe allergic reactions to medications.

In general, you should not risk your male health. Today let's talk about the 10 main symptoms for which you'd better come back on internal consultation to urology and andrology.

1. Discharge from the urethra (urethritis) 
 From the urethra should normally be allocated urine and semen, but only on the condition that you yourself wish to do so (and you're not at a young age, and you have not a long period of sexual abstinence, which is bad in itself). There are, of course, physiological secretions of glands of the urethra and prostate, but the selection is so insignificant in the norm that you can, and they do not notice. If you have a discharge from the urethra, it does not mean that "you got." They may be associated with inflammatory events in the urethra and prostate gland after exposure. Can also manifest complications of any disease other organs. In any case, if you notice something abnormal, pay a visit to a specialist.

2. Resi, burning, itching in the urethra  
Periodically any sensation in the urethra may be a healthy person, which is associated with the frequency of sexual activity, use of condoms and lubricants, the use of spices. But if it happens on a regular basis and the severity of symptoms increases, the pull can not - it's time to see a doctor.

3. Pain in the perineum, testicles, around the anus, lower back
That's a sure sign that you have a problem (unless of course you do not ride a horse yesterday, was not involved in the fighting without rules or street fight).

4. Urination disorders
Did you notice that your jet, which can be used to write the word on the snow, cool weakened? You always want to relieve or, conversely, can not do that, for a long time deliberating front of the toilet? Let's pay a visit to the doctor. These symptoms may be signs of a serious illness.

5. Change the color, the appearance of any impurities in the urine or semen (pus, blood)
Why is this happening? Be able to understand only a specialist.

6. The appearance of lesions (spots, erosion, ulcers) or entities ("build-up") on the external genitals
 It's not dirt or heat. Most likely, you have caught something (about the infection, sexually transmitted infections, read here ).

7. Decreased or absent libido (desire, passion)
 If you have already read an article about how to increase libido, and still does not work, then it is possible that in your body that something is wrong - will have to be treated. 

8. The weakening of erection (increasing the size of the penis and its cure as a result of blood filling the corpora cavernous
Perhaps the fact that you're tired, not enough sleep, stress experienced. Or maybe not around "good irritating object" or you are using condoms correctly. But the problem may be more deep-related hormonal function, vascular disease, or internal organs of the urogenital system.

9. The so-called asthenic-vegetative syndrome 
 weakness, fatigue, decreased performance, irritability, unstable mood, sleep disturbances, sweating, increased heart rate, etc. This syndrome is very common in men with chronic prostatitis.

10. Any symptoms and issues that you care about (neustraivaet size or color of the genitals, the inability to meet women, pressure from parents, dissatisfaction with sexual poses, etc. )
I am 20 years accept patients with various urological diseases, sometimes with very unusual complaints. And that's what I am sure there are no stupid questions, there is only an inadequate response to them. And if a man went to the doctor, then he needs it.

Therefore, if there are any problems or questions, it is best to turn to urology and andrology. Themselves should be respected and their health value. Even medicine does not know the answers to many questions - not what the Internet.

Effect on human health computer

Today we talk about the impact of computer on human health. This is a "technical marvel" of the twentieth century has now become indispensable for millions of people. You probably have guessed, and that the computer adversely affects the health. But how dangerous this effect? And is it possible to preserve the health, constantly using the computer? After reading this article, you will learn the answers to these questions.

How the computer affects the health?

The main negative factors include:

  • sitting position
  • high load on the vision
  • electromagnetic radiation
  • effect on the nervous system and psyche
  • large burden on the hands and fingers
  • exposure to dust and dirt

And now more about each of them and how to reduce the harmful effects.

Sitting position
Prolonged sitting position - this factor is the most negative impact on our health. Due to prolonged sitting is formed stagnation of blood in the pelvic area. This can lead to unpleasant consequences such as hemorrhoids, prostatitis.

He who sits a lot, constantly tense muscles of the head, neck and back. Most suffers spine. As a result, the spine is curved in children and adults develop low back pain and sciatica.

Sitting position is not the hallmark of a computer. Drivers, for example, also have to spend their time sitting. And that was when computers had not yet appeared? People also sitting and working with documents, but less efficiently.

What to do:

  •  each hour stands up and make a few simple physical exercises
  •  watch the posture in which you sit. Try to keep it looked like from the "question mark."
  •  exercise regularly

High load on the vision

Eye strain, when working at the computer, has some peculiarities. When we read a book, the light reflected off the page. The computer itself is the same light source. This complicates the perception, and the eyes get tired more quickly.

Often, additional stress is due to poorly chosen font size, or in a bad mood for monitor brightness. If using a computer, you do not watch your vision, it can rapidly deteriorate.

What to do:

  • breaks do exercises for the eyes
  • make sure that there is good lighting
  • the distance from the eyes to the monitor should be at least 55 centimeters. Use the zoom to see well the small text.
  • If you have a lot of typings  you will learn how to do it " blindly" - on the Internet many different simulators. When you look constantly translate from screen to keyboard and back, eyes and neck muscles are tired.

Electromagnetic radiation

In this regard, a lot of controversies. Manufacturers of modern computers argue that there is no danger. However, researchers have shown that the electromagnetic radiation affects the development of the embryo. In this regard, there was even a special decree chief sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation. In accordance with pregnant women need to be translated to work, not related to computers.

What to do:

  • if you are pregnant, try to avoid contact with the computer

Influence on the nervous system and psyche

The influence of the computer on the nervous system is very diverse. Recall a situation when your computer crashes or is very slow to load the desired web page.

Do you remember how you forgot to save the file on time and productive work hours were wasted :) But there are cases where people have because of this have heart attacks!

Also, common to become Internet addiction and gambling. But it's worth noting that the computer is not the only cause of stress, and gambling addiction has existed for centuries. I think that the negative impact on the health of the computer in this area is often exaggerated.

What to do:

  • Try not to overwork. DC voltage generates stress and depression
  • regularly arrange a vacation, you should have a good mood
Big load on hands and fingers
Ongoing work on the keyboard is a big burden for the muscles of the hand. Our hands are not naturally suited for such activities. Therefore, prolonged computer usage may lead to damage of joints and ligaments of the brush.

Fingertips are the focal point of the nerve endings. And the constant blows on the keyboard can lead to numbness.

But imagine what it was like for those who typed the text is not on your keyboard and a typewriter! So in this regard, the computer even a positive impact on human health.

What to do:

  • breaks do warm hands and fingers
  • follow the position of the hands at work, it must be convenient
  • Pick Ergonomic Mouse
Exposure to dust and dirt

Researchers concluded that harmful germs on the keyboard is many times greater than the toilet cover. A system unit may accumulate a sufficient amount of dust.

Of course, it is bad for the health. But computer dust - a drop in the ocean compared with the dust in the factory or in the library! Therefore, all is not so tragic.

What to do:

  • do not sit at the computer with dirty hands
  • about once a week, wipe the keyboard with alcohol or special wipes
  • Vacuum monthly computer. You can do it the conventional vacuum cleaner (just gently), but there are special.
So, we found that the computer adversely affects human health. But this effect can be minimized by observing simple rules. I want to draw attention to the fact that 15 years ago the computer do much more harm to our body. Therefore, it is hoped that over time the negative impact of the computer on human health will decrease.

The influence of the environment on health

Every year, people are increasingly moving away from nature. Throughout human history, people do not adapt to nature, but rather the nature of the fit for themselves. We try to make the environment more comfortable and at the same time often do not think about how it will affect our health. And at the same time, a significant portion of disease (including congenital) is connected with poor environment. We are all aware of air pollution, water and soil pollution affects our health.

So how do you maintain a healthy lifestyle in such adverse conditions? I urge you to abandon all human blessings, go and live in the woods and go on a raw food diet. No, primitive people, so close to nature rarely live up to 40 years. I believe that we need to find a compromise between civilization and health. If you live in the city, try to spend more time in nature, walking in the park, but not along the highway.

Think about how your lifestyle affects health. Many people today are concerned with vision problems and disturbance of posture. Computer and TV destroy your vision, so take a few minutes a day to do exercises for the eyes  replace watching the show with a book.

If your work involves a sedentary lifestyle, be sure to make each hour short breaks: stand up, walk around, mash. In the evenings, exercise regularly.

I think the idea is clear: now that harm your health, please - do it for something useful!

Make sure that what goes into your body. If you have the opportunity to eat vegetables grown in your garden, make sure you use it. Choose more natural products: instead of the usual chocolate bar buy chocolate and cook at home instead of soda juice.

Note your toothpaste composition, shampoo, cosmetics, detergents. Most of them contain substances harmful to humans. The most dangerous substances contained in cosmetics and household chemicals - is Sodium laureate sulfate (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). Try to choose makeup, not having him in their composition. It is expensive, but the health savings should not be.

It is clear that we are not able to protect themselves from all the negative outside influences. However, leading a healthy lifestyle  we have to some extent compensate the negative impact. Do not forget that health is given to us by nature!

How to Make a salad

Prepare a salad of grated carrots and kohlrabi, the latter added quite a bit, with walnuts and raisins. If there is no raisins, you can put dry or frozen cranberries. I refused to add a salad oil:
enough oil in the nuts, as well as longer use honey, raisins and so very sweet. Oil, by the way, there is a very carrots in small quantities, and it dispels the myth that the carrot juice you need to add oil.
After dinner, I run the washing machine and now I write my diary. Sleep in either eye. On Thursday, ending six weeks and will need to take stock. They are very important to fail, it disciplines and provides an opportunity to trace the dynamics of the passage of the "experiment." If you look formal, then on Thursday it ends, but in reality - I will not go back "back." This was reported today its home.
I said that forty days have passed, but "to be continued". I have no desire to return to his former diet. This decision is based precisely on the desire, not the strength of will and a pressure or a "strong argument" in favor of health. I do not want this to be a wonderful state of lightness in the body and clarity of mind was gone, I want to keep it, nurture, cultivate and enjoy it.
Why I chose this time - forty days? This is a symbolic number, it is mentioned in the Bible. As well as in other sources - in books on psychology: we need to forty days to get rid of any habits or buy a new one. Getting rid of us, as a rule, from the harmful, and vaccinate yourself - positive. At first have to give yourself a strong case and will be used, because the resistance of old habits is great. Then the resistance gradually weakens and may disappear altogether.
I suppose that the forty days may not be enough, and the man is still "throw" back. Well, what! Need to calmly accept this fact and start all over again. What is the use of such a moment of guilt, feelings of failure or disappointment? The second time it will be much easier. Not only need to adjust itself to the fact that it is possible to repeat their "new beginnings" countless times, it relaxes the will and negates all the work.
Additional information from sources on the raw food diet may well spur the beginner raw foodists. Motivated me information about bread and rolls, which accidentally caught my eye and I myself dubbed as "bakery alcoholism." It all started with the fact that I could not for a long time to understand why I was so hard was given the rejection of bread, to be exact - from sandwiches (bread with any dishes in my family has not accepted) from the rolls with butter or cheese in the morning as usual, with a cup of coffee with milk.
I was sure that it was vegetarian food, and it is not particularly harmful. It should be noted that not all raw beneficial to humans. Assume that any plant is useful - it is the other extreme. Not worth it to fall, to exercise discretion.
As soon as I switched to a raw food diet (this waffle I "helped", I wrote about them), had to give up bread, cookies, pies, rolls, waffles, cakes and pastries. In the first week I was maddening smell of fresh bread, which came from the bakery, and the type of cakes on display in the windows of pastry. State threatened to spiral out of control and was like "break-up". At that time I realized how hard life of addicts and how valuable their attempts to quit using drugs, sniffing and stuff. I also resented the fact of detection according to which I had no idea. I thought I was free from such things. It was an illusion. In fact, each of us has enough dependencies, we simply do not suspect them.
Some people go to work for 15 years in the same way, not because it is the only option, because their life has come to automatism. Try to remove them from the life of these automatic actions they arise discomfort and nachnet- by a "break-up". For the first week I had enough discomfort.


1. Product Smoked chicken
In early 2014 a group of scientists from Kansas has proven that eating smoked chicken, grilled chicken leads to an increased risk of developing cancer. The fact that the smoked chicken contains large amounts of carcinogens. Frequent use it threatens women with breast cancer, and all - cancer of the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Milk Product
Pasteurized milk is in women with ovarian cancer. By takm conclusion scientists who have followed for 13 years for 61 thousand women aged 38 to 76 years. From all this mass of women with ovarian cancer ill 266. They are united only by the number of drunk pasteurized milk.

3. Product Processed meats
To process meat, need a lot of preservatives. Sodium nitrite, which is used for this always - known carcinogen that invokes colon cancer in both men and women.

4. Product Carbonated Drinks
Carbonated drinks contain sugar in its pure form, and many of them contain artificial sweeteners. Two servings per week is enough to increase the risk of pancreatic cancer, regardless of the sex of the individual.

5. Product Tomato
These tomatoes contain acid which can cause cell mutation. In addition, the acid produced in the body elements bisphenol-A, which is a direct cause of cancer. In women it causes breast cancer, prostate cancer in men

6. Alcohol product
One serving of alcoholic drinks a day increases the chance of developing cancer in both men and women. We are talking about cancer and bowel, liver, breast, esophagus and mouth-that is almost all organs, which is in direct contact with the alcohol.

7. The product is white flour
Refined flour contains a lot of carbohydrates. Drinking it in baking leads to the development of breast cancer in women. A new study suggests that the risk of cancer is increased by 220%.

8. Artificial Sweetener Product
Studies have shown that most people who are trying to lose weight, using sugar substitutes, on the contrary gaining weight. In addition sweeteners are unsafe. They increase the risk of bladder cancer in men and women. It is important to know when to stop in the use of this product.

9. Product Chips
Cancerous cells are grown under the influence of trans-fats, preservatives, flavorings. Most often chips increase the chance of developing breast cancer in women, but if you have a predisposition to a differen

10. Product Margarine
Margarine contains the most dangerous fats. All foods that contain margarine may also be attributed to the product that increases the risk of cancer. Again, most women suffer from the margarine of breast cancer.t type of cancer, the chips are dangerous for you, regardless of your gender.

Healthy sleep

In addition to all the known tenets of a healthy lifestyle: proper nutrition and physical activity, no less important, is still a dream.

In an increasingly accelerating pace of our lives, to allow yourself to sleep more than 8 hours a day - a luxury. Many are trying to 'borrow' the moment of sleep, to spend it on essential daily activities and care.

In fact, whether it is like a dream fit into the concept of healthy lifestyle, I will try to explain in this article.

Everyone has heard that sleep a third of life - this is normal and happens to everyone. During sleep, our body performs "charging", restoring physical strength and processing information accumulated per day.

Consider the basic rules of healthy sleep:

1. The duration of sleep is different for each person, but the average is 7 to 8 hours. In this sleep is divided into several phases. How important is it to sleep, and just as important not to "sleep" longer than the body requires? In the "lack of sleep" and "chute" there feeling of apathy and weakness, not rarely and mild headache.

2. It is important to observe the mode of the day: go to bed and get up at the same time. To train the body, you can try prodelyvat bedtime certain actions: for example, drinking a mug of herbal tea. In this way, a couple of weeks on the basis of lemon balm tea, chamomile or mint will serve as a signal to a release. Drink at night coffee, cola, cocoa, tea and alcohol are not recommended because they contain caffeine.

3. Before going to bed bedroom ventilate helpful and nice, but do not leave the draft. Ideal temperature of the room is considered to be 18-20 ° C. Silence and darkness in the bedroom is also important.

4. The last meal exercise for 3-4 hours before bedtime. "Blunt" hunger can be a glass of buttermilk ( which we have already mentioned ), or an apple, but not less than 20 minutes.

5. The bed should not be too hard and not too soft, pillow - a small and pretty hard. Spend the money and time to choose the right mattress and pillows, and the body will thank you immediately sweet and healthy sleep. With regard to posture, it is best to sleep on your back or on the right side, but on the belly - extremely unfavorable for the internal organs.

6. Lying in bed, all the experiences you want to drop and think only about the good, can be a little dream (it's time to visualization!). Read classic books help to "liberate" the head of daytime problems.

7. Do not neglect physical activity throughout the day. Evening load should start 3-4 hours before bedtime. Easy evening walk in the fresh air would also be very useful.

Hypertension: 9 causes high blood pressure

Do you know what your blood pressure? And as it should be at your age? If you are able to answer these questions, then you are in the minority. According to data provided by the Association of blood pressure (UK), more than 70% of people do not know anything about these figures.

Meanwhile, every year in the world hypertension destroys the whole population of Moscow! Agree, no wonder this disease called the "silent killer."
Causes of high blood pressure are different: they are many and in each case they can be individualized. Unfortunately, even the most experienced doctors can not always pinpoint them - this uncertainty, of course, can not rejoice.

But there are other news. The vast majority of the causes of hypertension - are factors that depend on your lifestyle, and you can influence them!
The main reasons for the increased pressure.
1. Salt and fat. The first rule of diet for hypertensive patients - to exclude from the menu foods containing a lot of salt and fat. May perform better start it right now?

2. Extra pounds. This reason is most often accompanied by the reason № 1. More weight - more blood to supply this mass. And the vessels at the same time do not become wider, that they have to work under high pressure.

3. Lack of minerals . For normal operation of cardiac mechanism must have a sufficient amount of potassium and magnesium in your body. The first helps to remove excess salt and is the conductor of the cardiac pulse, the second makes the heart stronger and fights the formation of blood clots.

4. Smoking. Cigarettes - the worst enemy of the cardiovascular system! Moreover, as a result of smoking blood clots, so more and vessels begin to not work properly. Healthy blood vessels will expand when you receive a larger volume of blood - "stoned" on the contrary narrows and disrupts the entire system.

5. Lack of exercise. An active lifestyle reduces the risk of hypertension by 20-50% compared to "sedentary". No load vessels lose their tone, and they can not be relied upon in difficult times.

6. Stress. That's another reason why high blood pressure, which you can control. Special joy hypertension you deliver when no avail begin to calm himself a cigarette or the contents of the refrigerator.

7. Other diseases . Since everything in the body is interconnected, the different problems in your body and can lead to high blood pressure. Disorders of the kidneys or adrenal glands, liver, thyroid, diabetes - all possible causes of high blood pressure.

8. Heredity. Still, genetic predisposition to high blood pressure can not be discounted. Furthermore, there are cases where some anatomical features impede flow and thereby become a cause of high blood pressure.

9. Ecology . This is especially significant for the residents of big cities. So do not miss the chance of being in nature - it will help to keep the pressure in the norm .

To summarize. Of all these factors there is only one for which we can not influence - heredity. All other beyond our regulation, so a healthy lifestyle - a great tool for the prevention of hypertension!

Today is all. Soon expect an article about how to lower blood pressure. I would be very happy if you do not need it;) Powered by Blogger.
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