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How to strengthen the immune system

Immunity and maintaining it at a high level is an important part of a healthy lifestyle . It is better not to treat the disease and prevent its occurrence. You've probably heard that in the absence of immunity a person can not survive even the common cold. The task is to detect immunity and destruction of foreign substances to humans and microorganisms. How does the immune system? The first obstacle for intruders are skin and mucous membranes. Most bacteria and viruses can not overcome this barrier. If the enemy still got inside, he was immediately attacked by phagocytes - cells that day and night patrolling the streets of all organism. With small hooligans phagocytes handle yourself, otherwise come to the aid of leukocytes - white blood cells, the main representatives of the immune system. If the offender is already known, the leukocytes move to defuse it, but if a stranger is seen for the first time, the leukocytes are launching a series of complex immune responses. As a result, the body produces antibodies which by repeated invasion provide protection. It is based on this and one of the ways to strengthen the immune system - vaccination. In the body in a safe dose of injected virus and the immune system produces antibodies against it. After that deal with the real threat will be much easier. That lowers immunity? 1. Improper diet. The organism must receive all the necessary trace elements and substances. Particularly affected by the lack of vitamins. 2. Bad habits. Alcohol and tobacco do cells of the immune system less active, as well as an obstacle to the assimilation of vitamins. 3. Stress, increased physical and mental stress, chronic sleep deprivation constantly keep the immune system in tension. 4. Poor environment. Residents of large cities usually have a lowered immunity. 5. Viral infections. 6. Treatment with antibiotics. Signs of low immunity: Fatigue constant drowsiness Headaches Frequent colds. If you're more than 5-6 times a year, it is abnormal. Persistent aggravation of chronic diseases How to strengthen the immune system? 1. Drugs. If you have had the disease, the more effectively restore and strengthen the immune system , you better take advantage of special drugs (medications they can hardly be called). Usually the doctor prescribed "Immunal." Reveal the secret: this drug is not that other, as usual echinacea tincture in a beautiful package. The only advantage of it is the presence of super-comfortable pipette, and it is worth several times more expensive. 2. Balanced nutrition. Your body should get enough vitamins, especially effects on the immune system has vitamin C. It stimulates the production of immune cells. The diet should be varied, necessarily eat meat and fish. Body proteins require both plant and animal origin. Indispensable fruits and vegetables, they should be eaten raw or cook so that they retain their useful properties (hover or stew). Starvation and rigid diet bad for immunity. 3. Probiotics and preboitiki. The former include yogurt, kefir, soft cheese and sauerkraut, to the second onion, garlic, bananas, rolled oats. 4. Hardening. The most popular dousing with cold water and douche. Hardening is very useful, but there are contraindications enough, so without consulting the doctor can not do. 5. Regular exercise improves metabolism and activate the immune system. Jogging, swimming, aerobics, fitness or just go for long walks. 6. Recreation and restful sleep. Take small breaks during the working day and enough rest in his spare time. The body needs to recover the spent force. In addition, the DC voltage and lack of sleep are an excellent breeding ground for stress, which greatly reduces immunity.


Should look like a fashionable bag Spring 2014? And most importantly - how much does it cost? Editorial Woman's Day is sure: the price tags on most trendy things should not necessarily be given the astronomical amount of money. Especially for the new season of spring-summer 2014, we have chosen eight stylish, bright and actual bags of fresh collections at an affordable price.

Bag - one of the most important elements of a woman's wardrobe. Some girls are so obsessed with buying a bag that can be compared with the actual collectors of rarities. These accessories can be lowered, and one and two, and even three salaries, and this clearly will not be enough. The fact that the bag can become ideal end image. Anyone, even the most simple and minimalistic outfit can sparkle with new colors, add to it if the appropriate accessory. No girl will not give up on this!

The new spring-summer season to spend astronomical sums on the bags is not necessary. Editorial Woman ' s Day has studied fashion trends and selected the eight most relevant and trendy accessories, the price of which does not exceed three thousand rubles.
Bag Zara, 

The range of democratic brand Zara Spring-Summer 2014, you can find a lot of attractive bags that passion as you want to have. However, if you want to choose from all this variety only one bag, should give preference to bright mustard portfolio. It's bright and at the same time minimalist and is therefore suitable to absolutely any outfit. Especially harmoniously mustard shade will look with dark gray, white, dark blue kits.

Bag Mango, 

Bags bags have become particularly relevant in the season of spring-summer 2014 One of the most versatile and concise options can be found in the collection of Mango . Delicate beige shade, fine laces with metal tips, comfortable handle and no extra parts - no bag, and a dream!

Bag Aldo

If someone wanted to try on the image of a stylish sailors, then this opportunity is available again in the new spring season. Designers Aldo included in the collection spring-summer 2014 bright bag decorated with a wide dark blue stripe. It will look great with a pinstripe vest or red and white kit.

Bag Asos 

One of the most pressing flowers spring-summer 2014 - pale lavender, and therefore just need to replenish a wardrobe at least one thing this shade. Miniature Bag Asos fit perfectly. Particularly impressive it will look with a plain set color to color, as in the show Carven Spring 2014

Backpack New Look, 

Those who are tired of the usual styles of bags, can pay attention to one of the most popular trends of the season - backpacks. Notable examples can be found in the collections of even the most well-known brands such as Chanel and Kenzo . In democratic brands too many beautiful choices. For example, New Look is a concise noble green backpack, equipped with several compartments for the convenience of a zipper.

Bag H & M, 

Classics lovers certainly will appeal to a strict and very roomy bag from H & M shades of dusty rose. It is ideal for a summer business suit!
Bag River Island

Those who are looking for bright colors, will be able to experiment with neon and acidic hues, however, in their pastel variations. The collection River Island Spring Summer 2014 can be found an unusual hybrid of the classic shoulder bags and reticule. In this case, it is made in the "glowing" neon colors that will be the perfect complement of snow-white image

Bag B for Bag, 2,550 rubles

Want to buy a comfortable, roomy, and at the same time high-quality bag, preferably made of leather, and at an affordable price? Then you might want to explore the collection of the St. Petersburg brand B for Bag, presented in Click - Boutique . Bag of dark blue and brown leather at first glance seems very simple: there is no actual fringe, no perforation or interesting details. In fact, this bag can be a perfect complement to absolutely any image and it will last many times longer than the bag at the same price of leatherette.


Oil shaving lotions and other beauty-tools.

TrendSpace.Ru columnist Marc Godard of male cosmetics, age-old stereotypes and the best means to care for themselves.

After spending hundreds of hours of conversations and correspondence with young people in an attempt to find out from them about their favorite beauty care products, I realized that 90% of men or conceal their use of special equipment for the face and body, or just refuse their application. Most likely, a long-standing taboo, still affects the concept of masculinity and the stronger sex are desperately trying to hide any mention of cosmetics in their lives.

Men honestly admit that they would be happy to use cosmetics, but, alas, know nothing about the basic care of themselves, nor of cosmetic updates. More often than not, my opponents are based on simple actions: washing soap, baby cream skin irritations and shaving foam from the nearest supermarket. But never too late to make a step towards the health of your skin and to get the right care. For particularly shy always have the option to ask for a friend / girlfriend / wife to buy all you need! 

Friends, we must not forget that our skin is not made of stone (flint) and is also subject to external influence, there is no shame in using creams and foams for washing, various serums and balms. 

If the description of male skin, then I would say - "stress." On the structure of male and female skin are similar, but there are a number of physiological differences - men's skin rougher and darker due to the larger number of thin blood vessels. It is 30% denser than women, due to a thicker stratum corneum and lots of collagen in the dermis. Therefore, it is more resistant to injury, it is easier to endure trials sun and cold. In addition, men's skin is constantly injured while shaving. The increased as compared with the female skin, male saloobrazovaniya causes skin shine, but at the same time it protects and prevents excessive loss of moisture. Skin aging in men is slower and the later, but here are the results of his may be more noticeable, and wrinkles appeared - deeper. Unlike women, men are much more difficult to wrinkle correction and require longer periods of treatment, so it's easier to take preventive measures and to slow the aging process, using the right cosmetics. 

If we talk about daily procedures, I will say this, it is necessary to apply to your skin care and respect. 

Washing : soap set aside and pay attention to measures such as foaming gel cleanser. Do not forget that these funds should be neutral in its alkaline and acidic effects on the skin. Men's skin is different from women's low PH (this information can be found in the product). 

Shaving : an important point which should be taken seriously, because shaving for men's skin - it is a strong mechanical impact and properly selected remedies can alleviate it

Misconception that after washing and shaving need to massage your skin, driving
moisturizers . Your skin then and so stressed, so treat it with care and lightly apply the cream or lotion, not rubbing it. It is important that aftershave can cause or contribute to irritation of the skin and lead to unpleasant consequences, so mature men should pay attention to the means with reducing properties, and more youthful skin should avoid fatty aftershave. 

These are the basic rules that you should remember for you and your skin. I have compiled for you a list of the best tools in the opinion of the professional cosmetologists, dermatologists and experienced users of cosmetics for men.


All of the craze underwear painting.
Popular in the Arab countries, India, Africa and Indonesia procedure now come to Russia. Increasingly, beauty salons offer attenders decorate the body temporary tattoo, which is called the mehndi and lasts up to two weeks. Application procedure is very simple and quite fast and the time the picture is a great alternative to this tattoo.
Traditionally decided to allocate four types mehndi: Arabic with floral motifs, geometric shapes with African, Indian ornaments, creating the illusion of lace gloves, and mixed Asian patterns. In addition, at the request of the customer master can always put a unique pattern - from the kitten to a complex artistic design.

Master Marie Safira trained in Morocco, 
told TrendSpace.Ru the secrets of Mehendi.
Tell us about the most henna?

The very first association with the word "henna" - hair dye. But now gaining increasing popularity henna on the body (or as this tradition is called in India - "Mehendi" or "mehndi"). In this connection, a large number of various pastes and powders. Natural henna - is a powder green color, which is made from the leaves of a bush Lawsonia. Body uses only the top leaves of the bush, so they most concentrated colorant content - pigment. Henna for hair is made from the lower shoots and grinding coarser powder.

Is there any risk of burns or other adverse effects?

Very often, in the salons of the artists use such as black henna. In fact, this is a very harmful chemical that is poisonous to the body and in most cases it causes severe burns. Its composition is very dangerous to health as it contains a para-fenilenediamin. This chemical can cause severe allergic reactions and cause a variety of skin diseases. He is included in most hair colors dark shades. Para-fenilenediamin added to the ink composition for tattoos to make color more intense and long-lasting. In countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Turkey black henna make tourists but local people know about the consequences and make himself figures only from natural henna: shades from dark brown to reddish-tan. Colored henna, as well as black, does not happen. This synthetic paste, which can cause allergic reactions. Conclusion: The natural henna can cause burns on the contrary it disinfects the skin. But synthetic paste is very dangerous and should be avoided. 

 Henna carry any meaning or just want to decorate?

In ancient times, henna was applied to the hand of the bride before the wedding. These were not the patterns, just laid out henna paste on the palm of a circle or completely painted over the whole palm or wrist. This tradition is so old that it is hard to see exactly why it was done. There are versions that, firstly, it is an ornament or a distinctive sign, and, secondly, from the energy point of view, henna paste has a unique feature - it absorbs negative energy and purifies the evil eye of man. Later began to develop the tradition of henna in the form of patterns. The various elements of the patterns have a certain meaning. For example:

flowers - a symbol of joy and happiness

sprout - a symbol of new life

Oriental cucumber - a symbol of good luck and fertility

Is it possible to put your own picture in the home?

You can choose to try to cook at home a paste of henna powder, on the Internet a lot of different recipes, but not all of them are correct. For example, x and y can not pour boiling water or "cooking", as this will kill all the colorant. So many people who are prepared henna on their own, do not get the desired result, frustrated and throw the case. Naturally, after a visit to the master class, when you know all the nuances, the ingredients, proportions, and the sequence of actions - you can prepare a great pasta. For beginners are ideal ready-cones. Try to draw yourself is possible, but in order to master the professional henna, you need to visit at least one master class, this would be sufficient.

Pain of appendicitis, where and how it hurts appendicitis

Of all the diseases requiring surgical intervention in the abdominal cavity, inflammation of the appendix is most frequent. According to statistics for the year for every thousand people pripadaet five cases of acute appendicitis, and if you do not take immediate action, it can cause peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum). It is therefore important to know the signs and location of the pain in this disease.

How sore appendicitis?

When inflammation of the appendix pain can vary and depend on many circumstances. People solid age, for example, pain is often weak, aching character. Typically, the disease process increases slowly, the pain may be continuous or transient. They often occur after the loss of appetite, and the patients themselves bind them with the quality or quantity of food eaten. Sometimes there are exceptional cases where the pain is very intense from the beginning. Learn more about how sore appendicitis can learn here .

A characteristic feature of this disease is to increase discomfort with change of body position, in motion, and when in the horizontal position on the left side.

Pain component - is not the only symptom, talking about the focus of inflammation in the appendix. The disease can occur with fever, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting once.

Where does it hurt appendicitis?

Very often the first patients can not pinpoint a specific place, as the pain is non-localized character, it spreads throughout the abdomen, but it always starts at the top. As the progression of symptoms and changes in the hours of pain of appendicitis are beginning to move in the right iliac area (symptom-Volkovych Kocher), where, in fact, is the appendix. More detailed information about its location and role in the human body can be obtained from the material in this article .

Pain impulses may disturb the person in the liver if the appendix is in the raised position to the right hypochondrium region. The pain sometimes occurs in the lumbar region, groin and pelvic area at the location of the appendix of the caecum, closer to the kidney and ureter. Women often suspect at an inflammation of appendages, as the feeling of pain in the abdomen.

Due to the fact that different people may point to different places where it hurts appendicitis diagnostic doctor will refer you to a clinical laboratory in which you will need to pass tests, and conducts palpation using special techniques. Most experts are symptoms Rovings, Sitkovskiy, Obraztsova.

Never pain of appendicitis do not stop and do not pass on their own, and as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed, surgery should not be delayed, because appendicitis is not the disease, when you can save time. Several hours of lost entail serious complications until rupture process and the development of peritonitis or sepsis.

Therefore, if there is suspicion of a pathological process in the appendix, it is necessary without delay to get on to the surgeon, endure the pain for more than two days of life threatening.

How to quickly get rid of cold on lips at home

Cold on the lips - it is a common phenomenon in our world, especially in colder countries such as Russia. It was cold and damp weather is the primary source of the disease. In cold weather, the human immune system is weakened and our body is most susceptible to various diseases.

As a rule, in order to protect and save themselves from the cold, rain, wind, a person buys a hat, coat, gloves, wrapping clothes in the whole body, but the one part still remains almost always open, and it is our face, and it is our lips. About them we very often forget, and because the skin on your lips is a very vulnerable place and it should be protected from wind and frost.

It weakened immune system are a major cause of the common cold at bay. Plus, constant stress, chronic disease and genetic predisposition further exacerbates the situation.

However, the court of the 21st century, so the common cold has long learned to fight. There is one thing but many drugs help in the treatment, but a detrimental effect on the overall condition of the human body, lowering immunity and weakening it. And also, if you just do not like the doctors and do not advocate the use of various antibiotics, medicinal tablets, there are home treatments for the common cold on the lip, which we now analyze. How to quickly get rid of cold on the lip at home? As they say, many strategists and military commanders: "The best fight - one that did not take place." I fully agree with them, so the best way to fight colds at bay, is to prevent its occurrence. Prophylactic method which I distinguish - is " protecting lip balm . " So you do not have to be treated for this disease, always try to take care of your lips, use a protective balm in wet and cold periods. But since you're reading this article, chances are you are not interested in prevention, so the transition to the treatment: Method number 1. If you still have picked up a sore, I recommend you a very effective way, this blurring of the affected skin juice of garlic or onions . This is a very effective way, which helps to quickly get rid of colds at bay. Method number 2. Thus, the second method, which answers the question "how to get rid of colds at bay?" is the use of herbal remedies, such as tincture of calendula , and aloe juice helps in the treatment of fine cold. These ingredients need to be used separately. As the saying goes: "if it does not work, you should try it." Tincture of calendula or juice of aloe leaves need to moisten in a small cloth or wet cotton wool and apply to the affected area on the lip and hold for 20-30 minutes. Method number 3. The third method, which verified the years is the use of toothpaste . It is necessary to smear the affected area of skin on the lip of toothpaste (no matter which one). That makes sense. The fact is that in toothpaste contain substances that inhibit the growth of bacteria on the affected area, which helps get rid of colds at bay in the home, not even to visit the doctor. Method number 4. The most effective way that I have not heard, is the use of honey and apple cider vinegar tincture , a kind of propolis, which should smear lip several times a day, and then smear lip infusion of chamomile. This is a fairly effective way which helps you quickly get rid of cold on lips. How to get rid of colds at bay for 1 day? If you want a very quick treatment, of course, of drugs will be the best solution. However, if you want to try the treatment at home, you definitely need to try to use the juice "Kalanchoe" . This plant has healing properties and helps get rid of the disease almost 1 day of treatment. However, this method does not help everyone, for some course of treatment may last several days. To successfully treated, it is necessary to wet the cotton wool in the juice "Kalanchoe" and apply it to the affected skin. The result was not long in coming.

How not to get sick prostatitis men aged 20-35

Tells urology and andrology, dermatologist, Dermatooncology, PhD Novel radish

Forced to upset you: in the last 20 years there has been an early and rejuvenation "chronicity" of many diseases of the male. That prostatitis is no exception. If before it was accepted that this disease occurs in men of middle and - often - older, now no longer a rarity when a chronic process in the prostate gland begins to form and 18-20-year-olds.
Prostatitis - inflammation of the prostate, one of the most important male organ which is responsible for urination, sexual function and fertility (ie body's ability to produce viable offspring). Against the background of infections or congestive processes formed swelling and violation of the outflow of secretion from the prostate gland. That, in turn, leads eventually to scarring in the gland. Tripe - a permanent mark it "Huron" memory of all your sins and mistakes.
The most common causes of prostatitis in men 20-35 years are:
1. Infections with sexually transmitted infections ( STIs ). Among them: chlamydia, mycoplasmas, ureaplasmas, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, genital herpes, urogenital HPV infections. 2. Features sexual life: uncertainty and frustration in sex, dissatisfaction appearance and the size of their genitals, prolonged masturbation sessions. (MH hopes that this is not about you, but if that - our columnist Arina Vintovkin always ready to help you advice on how to establish a personal life.) 3. Alcohol and drugs. 4. Physical inactivity and, consequently, obesity .

Recently much "younger" age of sexual debut, and with it the problems concerning men's health. Causes of STIs are often unprotected intercourse, infection in the absence of timely treatment for medical assistance ("sensitivity of the topic," fear, ignorance, lack of money, and so on..) And adequate treatment lead to inflammation of the prostate gland and the formation of chronic prostatitis.
How do you know that your prostate gland is in danger? For a long time the disease may be asymptomatic, and only then can appear pain in the perineum, urethra, back, anus; can manifest dizurichesky syndrome - cramps during urination, pain in the urethra, urine stream violations. Also signal the disease will prostatitis sexual disorders (weakening of erection, premature ejaculation, decreased libido) and asthenic-vegetative syndrome (decreased performance, increased fatigue, irritability). Not always, these symptoms are pronounced. So try to prevent the occurrence of disease, remember prevention measures:
1. Lead a healthy lifestyle - physical activity, sports, activities include hiking, get your sleep and less time at the computer. 2. Bind up smoking , give up alcohol. 3. Establishments permanent partner and ask her to get tested for STDs. If we happen to sex "on the side", and then let it be protected. 4. If you feel that health is something wrong, do not pull the time (not resolve itself) - see a specialist.

Tips dietician how to eat less

Many often confuse concepts such as "hunger" and "appetite". But learn to distinguish one from the other, you can achieve a slim figure. Therapist Mikhail Gavrilov, the author's own methods of weight reduction, told how to eat less

How to eat less?
Photo:  Getty Images
Some fat people say they do not want to eat and do not feel hunger. Others admit that they often eat anything that comes in their way, because I always want to eat. In fact, most people who are overweight simply confuse concepts such as "hunger" and "appetite". Learn to distinguish one from the other, can completely change their eating behavior. And this is the first and most important step that will help you learn how to eat less.

Listen to the feelings
If you stand in the fridge and wondering what to eat, close it, close your eyes and analyze what you are now experiencing. Focus on your own stomach. You feel emptiness, cramps, or feeling of being sucked rumbling? If yes, what are signs of hunger. These signals can join and brighter: dizziness, headache, tremor in hands, nausea or weakness - all of this, no doubt, signs of acute hunger. Since the body indicates that it is deficient of glucose and other nutrients.

When none of the above you do not feel, do not open the fridge again. When he came into the kitchen, you're thinking: "I want something tasty," it broke your appetite. But there on a full stomach - not a good idea. Proper eating behavior implies new meals only when the previous meal has been digested. That's about it, and tells us hungry.

Find the cause of appetite
Eat less, does not mean high-calorie
If you have recently eaten, but again there was a desire to eat something, think about what you could provoke. The aroma of another dish? Advertising of a product? The company of people taking food? Or maybe a nice remembrance of a party where there was a lot of delicious? If yes, then you should know: this is the first sign of appetite. So there is not necessary.

If no external stimulation was not, look into your soul. Often appetite occurs when a person can not cope with their emotions and states - loneliness, boredom, anxiety, fatigue.

It seems that you eat Pirozhenko and leaves heartache. But this is an illusion of relief, which is then replaced by a sense of guilt. Do not go on about their emotions. Think the best thing you can do now in order to solve a problem or something to please yourself without resorting to food.

Correct count weeks of pregnancy

In former times gestational age calculated in months, today, doctors prefer to count it weekly. On the one hand, it allows for greater accuracy required, for example, to conduct certain investigations. And on the other - leads to some confusion.

Which method is better
Both methods of calculation are correct, but the second most prevalent. According obstetric calendar, childbirth occur 280 days after the start of the last menstrual period. That is, after 40 weeks or 10 lunar months. And though this day is born only 4% of all babies, this method of counting weeks of pregnancy was recognized as the most convenient, so there is nothing strange in the newly-minted five-week pregnancy is not.

About how to make permanent makeup eyebrows , you will read in the following article.


Unclear situation
Sometimes when determining the duration of pregnancy occurs the situation is not very clear. A woman comes to the doctor a few days after a delay of menstrual bleeding, and he congratulates her with a five-week pregnancy, thereby causing considerable surprise of the patient. How can I be pregnant on the second month after conception, if not passed a couple of weeks? And then there was an elderly nurse doing a card record of the pregnancy period of three weeks. Then necessarily decide that one of them was crazy or deliberately misleading. So one of them puts the term correctly? And the thing is that there are several different ways of determining pregnancy.

Real term pregnancy
Currently calculate the gestational age in weeks, not in months as before. If we take the beginning of pregnancy, the time of conception, which seems logical, then we can say that the child in the womb matures over 266 days, that is 38 weeks. Therefore, the nurse recorded in the card details three weeks, it turns right. This method of calculation is called the calendar weeks or real pregnancy.


Obstetric gestational age
One can only question the competence of the doctor. And indeed, maybe he just does not know how to count? But, oddly enough, the doctor also can not be accused of incompetence. The thing is that it uses in its calculations a completely different way of counting weeks and defines the so-called maternity period. This is done for one simple reason. Not to guess which of the days of conception, pregnancy is considered to be the beginning of the first day of the last menstrual cycle. Thus manages to bring the calculations to a comfortable standard, and the fact that in the first two weeks of pregnancy, a woman is pregnant and does not, does not bother anyone.

Read more about how to make a perfectly smooth coat .

What need is there for the night: Products from insomnia.

Let's find out what products will save from insomnia, to help you better and harder to sleep at night: The average adult should sleep 7 to 8 hours per day. Nevertheless, many people have trouble sleeping, insomnia spoils lives of millions of people around the globe. Health problems that are associated with insomnia and other sleep disorders, very, very much, since dysfunction of the immune system and ending with early aging, weight gain and increased risk of acquiring cardiovascular diseases. Fortunately, you can try to deal with problems related to sleep, without the use of dangerous synthetic pills and supplements - the secret of this method lies in the diet..

    Cereal - it's a great snack before going to bed, because oatmeal - a product rich in carbohydrates. Incidentally, cereal "kill two birds with one fell swoop," they not only stimulate the natural production of serotonin (a neurotransmitter that elevates mood and makes you feel happy), but also slows down the process of digestion, which means that throughout the night you will feel full. Why hide, one of the reasons for the poor night's sleep - a famine, because many wake up in the night to visit the refrigerator. This "journey" can be avoided before bed to eat a plate of oatmeal medium size! Chickpeas: Few know that the chick is very tasty and contains a lot of vitamin B6, which is needed for the production of melatonin. In short, melatonin - a hormone responsible for sleep - if it is produced in small quantities, you just can not fall asleep. Chickpea stimulates the production of melatonin, he helps you fall asleep faster and sleep without waking up in the morning. Bananas for several decades are considered a natural stimulant sleep because, as chickpeas and oatmeal, they stimulate the production of serotonin and melatonin. In addition, this delicious fruit is also known as a natural muscle relaxant, it will help you relax and quickly and naturally get ready for bed.

    Seeds and nuts have a huge number of properties that are useful to the body - they are not only strengthens the heart muscle, but also contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids omega-3, which have been known to occur naturally and without any side effects to lift the mood of the person. In addition, they are an excellent source of antioxidants. If you eat before going to bed a little cup of almond or flax seed, you are guaranteed to sleep like a baby! Milk : The perfect drink that you need to drink before going to bed - it's warm milk containing amino acid called tryptophan (besides calcium, which in itself is very useful) with honey, relaxing mind and body. This is a delicious and nutritious drink that acts as a natural sedative. Fried and baked potatoes are always delicious and it is not just a treat, but also a rich and valuable source of tryptophan (a hormone that stimulates sleep), and in general, it has a calming effect, so good for your body and mind. Tea : Since we're talking about drinks before bedtime milk and honey - it's certainly a tasty combination, but it is useful to know that some kinds of tea also has a slight sedative effect, they are ideal for people who are constantly are in a stressful situation and the situations and experiencing sleep problems. Mint, herb and chamomile tea - it's three most popular tea, known for their soothing and stimulating effect of sleep..

Organic cosmetics - myths and reality.

Not so long ago the word as applied to organic cosmetic products are not meant for the average consumer anything. But today the sale of organic cosmetics are growing at an incredible rate, and any self-respecting woman knows exactly what organic means marked incredibly beneficial to the skin. Is it really?.

First of all about the benefits of natural and herbal talked in 60 years of the last century flower children - hippies. Abandoning all synthetic, from drugs to shampoos, they preferred the fresh produce from small farms and facilities, which is composed of as few as possible chemical components. Thus was born the fashion for all natural, which eventually came in the cosmetic industry. Among the most ardent adherents of modern organic cosmetics and products highlights Gwyneth Paltrow: on your website, it appeals to all sane people go to the health food and organic cosmetics (the actress prefers brand Aveda , Dr. Hauschka and Stella McCartney). Gwyneth says that the presence of additives in cosmetics of all kinds of artificial origin may have an impact on the development of human cancer, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's and even autism. The fact that the statements are unsubstantiated star and autism and do manifest before the age of three years does not affect the growth of organic sales worldwide annually its market increases by 15-20%..

    Popular myths about organic cosmetics Myth one: it does not cause allergies - This statement is only capable amuse allergist: among natural substances of potential allergens, no less than among synthetic. Often, natural plant extracts can not only cause skin irritation, but also clog pores, breaking her breath. Sometimes plants can even destroy the collagen fibers and increase the effects of sunlight, helping skin photoaging. The most active from this point of view are considered essential oils of peppermint, ylang-ylang and rose, as well as citrus, oak bark, lavender, lemon grass and pine needles. They do not always cause allergies, so completely abandon the funds in which they belong is not necessary, but still need to closely monitor the reactions of the epidermis in their application. The second myth: inorganic substances include pesticides, toxic skin. - In fact, even if the plant is not grown on an organic farm, and in normal circumstances, it is perfectly safe. After all, before the process of obtaining its extract is subjected to sterilization and special treatment, so it does not leave any trace of chemicals. Therefore, it is more important to cosmetics meet modern standards of quality, and did not have a mark on the organic label. Myth Three: organic - it's completely safe, healthy and natural - Those who remember the little school chemistry course, know that organic compounds are compounds carbon and other chemical elements. Obviously, the naturalness of such substances can not boast. In the modern concept of farmers 'organic' - is grown on certain conditions and treated in a certain way. This does not affect the quality of the final product, it's just roughly speaking, the method of preparation. Even the US Department of Agriculture says openly that icon Organic is not proof of any special health benefits. In other words, organic cosmetics is not harmful, but a miracle she can not. Myth four: the presence of the organic certification ensures complete safety of the product - in fact it is not so. Certificate only confirms that this plant is grown in special conditions or cosmetic product that is produced from this kind of plant. For the safety, it has not the slightest relationship. Magnificent proof of this fact is what happened a couple of years ago in Europe, mass disease of Escherichia coli. Caused by a disease of potatoes produced in one of the organic farms in Germany. In 40 cases, the disease has led to the death. This suggests that organic products are often no safer than their chemical counterparts. To date, almost no country, including Russia, has not developed its own standards, which should correspond to organic products. The exception is the international organization of the USDA and ECOCERT, which has a package of regulations with stringent requirements, but their certification receive only units of the number of manufacturers. Most prefer to buy certificates from more loyal companies engaged in quality control. A different words, virtually every manufacturer of cosmetics can write on the label the word organic, not investing in it nothing but the desire to increase sales. Myth Five: organic cosmetics for a variety of consumer qualities inferior to conventional - But this statement is untrue. Today, the majority of organic shower gels and shampoos lather no worse than their chemical relatives, and colors of decorative cosmetics labeled organic is quite able to compete with similar products which do not have natural ingredients in the composition. Today brands are producing organic cosmetics, carefully follow the fashion and as a part of their collections can be easily found even lip gloss, increase their volume and trendy shades of lipstick and eye shadow. The choice of cosmetics - is a personal matter and blindly follow fashion choosing foods organic, not necessarily. If your skin just glows from a cream, which causes the composition to have fans all natural light shock, do not abandon it. Be yourself and use only what you really fit..

    Cosmetic brands, taking on eco-responsibility A number of cosmetic concern, not only preaches the use of natural ingredients, but also care about the environment. Organic Colour Systems: This is a salon hair coloring system without ammonia and formaldehyde. Based paint formulas put special substrate with a low pH, which in combination with the heat-resistant color yields and thus does not increase hair. All brand shampoos and balms are packed in original bottles "Tree in a Bottle." At the bottom of the bottle, created from starch, put the seeds of the tree, and eventually hitting the ground, it decomposes, turning into fertilizer for the seeds. Thus, each package series O'right - this is the future of the tree. Aveda: Cosmetic company produces care products for face and body solely on a natural basis. Sprays of Aveda not destroy the ozone layer, and the factory itself works without the use of modern energy sources, wind energy dispensing exclusively. Annual firm announces fundraising for the protection of aquatic and terrestrial resources of the planet. Natura Siberica: The first Russian company that produces natural-based cosmetics, which costs no more than a cup of good coffee. In the manufacture of medicinal extracts of Siberian plants. Besides the concern regularly helps Theotokos, located in Novosibirsk, the Botanical Garden of the Irkutsk State University and supports the Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East..

Vitamins in the service of beauty.

Ways in which vitamins get into our body, just a mass: this right food and all kinds of pills and tablets, and even sunlight. It would seem that under such conditions, our skin should not experience deficits in vitamins, but most cosmetologists unanimously declare that, without additional power from the outside skin suffers. It is because of this almost every vehicle discharged cosmetic concern, you can easily find the vitamins and minerals..

     Today, the creams and lotions gets almost everything: deep seaweed extracts from rare exotic plants, caviar and freshwater pearls, pieces of gold and silver ions, more recently, unknown to anyone, hyaluronic acid and standing the whole state of thermal water. And against this unprecedented exotic and incredible diversity we somehow forget about the benefits of simple and familiar from childhood vitamins proven effectiveness not only laboratory research, but also an undeniable experience of generations. Almost every vitamin or trace element has a definite impact on our skin. Vitamin A accelerates cell renewal process of the skin and increases its degree of hydration. In addition, he is one of the most known antioxidants that help our body fight free radicals. Vitamin C is simply irreplaceable for the skin: it stimulates the production of collagen, which eventually slows down, fights aging, leveling action of free radicals, strengthens the walls of blood blood vessels, helping to quickly get rid of wounds and abrasions, as well as reducing the dark rings under his eyes. And in addition to all these advantages askorbinka helps us lose weight during a diet and protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation. The B vitamins. Each of them plays a role in maintaining our beauty. Thus, thiamine (B1) helps hair retain the bright color and makes them more durable, and also prolongs youth epidermal cells.

      The benefits of vitamin for hair heard it all: it prevents hair loss, strengthening the hair follicle and moisturizes the scalp. Vitamins B3 and PP in combination with niacin and folic acid stop peeling skin, and help defeat the gray hair and alopecia. Vitamins B6 and B12 prevents dandruff and also help to defeat her. Vitamin F , which is better known under the name of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids helps to keep the skin young, improves the condition of hair and nails, fights acne and age wrinkles, and also restrains development of allergic reactions. Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption, which in turn is responsible for strong nails and beautiful hair. Vitamin H helps eliminate dry skin, fights inflammation, and strengthens hair roots. Vitamin E is one of the best guards and youth beauty. The unique antioxidant properties and ability to eliminate dry skin and hair make him one of the best assistants in the prolongation of youth. Vitamin P helps to quickly strengthen capillary walls and larger vessels, so it is often recommended to combat redness. Vitamin K is essential for the fight with all types of skin pigmentation, as can quickly whiten the surface layers of the epidermis. In addition, he is struggling with great swelling and helps reduce puffiness under the eyes. It is equally effective in cosmetology and minerals. Zinc helps to regulate the production of sebum, magnesium and calcium are responsible for the health of hair and nails, and iron improves their appearance and affects the rate of growth. As vitamins can penetrate the skin? If it is solely about the pathways in the outside layers of the epidermis, the there are two possibilities: either through the intercellular space and the cell membrane or through hair follicles and pores. But to get into the skin in this way can only microscopic molecules, so the cell membranes - structure sufficiently dense and the pores are able to penetrate, not all substances. In connection with this homemade homemade masks often are not able to have a profound effect on the skin: too large molecules of their components can not even get into the midst of the layers and remain on the surface. Therefore, the molecules of any nutrients and vitamins before you get a care cream or lotion undergo fragmentation into several parts (such as, e.g., hyaluronic acid) or encapsulated (such as synthetic Vitamin A). In some cases, getting into deeper layers of skin to molecules joined by a conductor, have high penetrating power.

     Independently penetrate pores best able vitamins A, D, K, E and F. A vitamin B5 fine acts on the skin surface, considerably moisturizing it. But if vitamins have pronounced effects on the living cells of the skin, change the state of hair or nails which are the dead bodies, they themselves can not. In order to improve their appearance should be applied preparations containing vitamins, skinhead or hands that play the role of a sort of "conductor". For the treatment of hair is best to use special vitamin masks and ampoules, and to improve the condition of nails suitable oil. And most importantly, you need to clearly understand - no, even the most expensive and high-quality cosmetics vitaminized not help you if you eat of little food. The best sources of nutrients and vitamins than cereals, dairy products and vegetable and animal proteins have not yet been invented..
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